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Modular pack bench an alternative to bespoke solutions

04 July 2024

Southgate Global, a leader in the supply of packaging equipment, consumables and servicing in operational logistics and fulfilment, responds to growing demand for warehouse equipment to meet operational needs without the bespoke price tag.

THE MODULAR pack bench has been designed specifically by the Southgate Equipment team to provide an option for those who want quality, durable pack bench solutions but are frustrated with the restrictions of off-the-shelf options that don’t meet their needs.

By combining four baseline bench designs with 20 different parts that can be fitted in position before delivery, Southgate’s modular pack bench arrives fully assembled and ready to be integrated into workflow immediately with the peace of mind it meets customers’ exact needs.

Phil O’Driscoll, Head of Innovation & New Product Development, said: “We are seeing an increasing number of customers who are looking for an alternative to bespoke pack bench solutions, as they either don’t have the resources or don’t have the volume levels required to order bespoke. The process of ordering bespoke can also be extremely time-consuming when you take into consideration the design process, internal signoff, purchase and delivery of parts, build, and supply – it’s a lot of work and cost.

“On the other hand, customers find off-the-shelf solutions have a lot of restrictions, as they don’t meet their specific needs, lack quality and durability, and have to configure them by installing parts post-delivery of the bench. Listening to such frustrations, we designed our own solution, specifically made to meet in the middle.”

With four baseline configurations and 20 adaptable parts and accessories, Southgate’s modular pack bench has recognised that one size doesn’t fit all, offering customers the opportunity to customise its equipment but as simply and quickly as an off-the-shelf solution.

Built using 40x40mm heavy-duty steel frame, fully welded joints and a powder-coated finish to protect against corrosion, Southgate prides its pack bench solution on being built to last. Manufactured in the UK, the equipment is designed with carefully selected materials and crafted for longevity in the toughest warehouse environments.  

It’s estimated that 54 per cent of companies pick, pack, and ship orders in under an hour from receipt from the customers and are setting new industry standards[1]. As the intricacies of running an efficient and cost effective fulfilment operation grow exponentially, Southgate expects warehouse equipment such as modular pack benches to play an even more crucial role in operations.

O’Driscoll added: “The pack bench plays such a key focal point for packing efficiency and worker ergonomics in warehouses. As the need for companies to maintain and improve quality, accuracy and productivity throughout their operations increases, the focus on such equipment to perform at maximum efficiency will be vital. While automation has made great advances and is playing an increasing role in warehouse operations, many tasks remain that require the skill of human operators or that are more cost effective when done by hand. Having the right equipment for those human operatives, such as a modular pack bench, is key.”

Serving over 3,000 customers in more than 20 countries around the world Southgate has a range of operational logistics and fulfilment solutions that support some of the biggest organisations in the key sectors including 3PL, e-commerce, retail, post & parcel and general manufacturing.

For more information on Southgate’s modular pack bench solution, click here.

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