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Movement from the centre

05 February 2024

Hörmann UK has introduced an innovative movable centre support for its industrial sectional doors. 

THE CENTRE support can be used to connect up to three industrial sectional doors, providing a flexible option to create large openings of up to 30m.

The new centre support is robust yet lightweight and can be quickly and easily pushed to the side on a low-friction track which is installed behind the lintel. This provides operators with complete flexibility by allowing for individual door opening or, if required, the entire opening can be opened to allow clear passage across its complete width. 

For use on Hörmann industrial sectional doors with a H track application, the moveable support is particularly suited for installations where large openings are commonly required, such as transport facilities, airports, large-scale manufacturing, fitting and service bays.

Hörmann UK industrial division manager Phil Thorpe, says: “At Hörmann we are committed to providing the market with a comprehensive range of industrial doors which consistently offer high-quality materials, safe and secure operation, long life, and excellent thermal performance. The introduction of the moveable centre support for our industrial sectional doors is an innovation that further enhances the range and follows on from the introduction of our Series 60, which when fitted with our WA 500 FU operator can achieve market-beating opening/closing speeds of 1 m/s. The moveable centre support has been designed to specifically provide operators with maximum flexibility and also offers developers the opportunity to build more adaptable, cost-effective facilities.”  

Secured by Design

Hörmann UK has also announced that its SPU 42 and SPU 67 Thermo industrial sectional doors have been awarded Secured by Design certification. The doors have undergone enhanced testing and conform to STS202 which is the standard for burglary resistance of construction products.

Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is a flagship security accreditation that has instant recognition. Created by the UK Police Force to support the designing out of crime, the accreditation means that the Hörmann doors have undergone stringent security and safety tests which ensure they offer the highest levels of protection against forced entry and crime.

Hörmann sectional doors are accredited in their standard format with no modifications or additions required. The accreditation applies to both manually operated and automated versions of the door and covers the use of all current Hörmann industrial operators. A range of panel sizes are available, with a maximum door size of 6000mm x 7500mm being achievable. Doors can be supplied in either stucco and micrograin finishes and glazing panels are covered by the accreditation to a maximum height of 625mm and consist of a polycarbonate and welded wire mesh infill.

Phil Thorpe explains: “At Hörmann we always want to make sure that we are providing the market with products that meet current need and demand. More and more we are seeing developers and clients ask for doors with SBD status, both from a security perspective and often as a planning requirement.  Our series 60 door now provides the most up to date accreditation, together with the ability to provide a high level of security and peace of mind.”

For more information, visit www.hormann.co.uk