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Ocado invests in micro-fulfillment start-up

04 November 2020

The UK tech leader has bought a minority stake in Myrmex, a robotics start-up that provides micro-fulfilment with a twist - the automated tote handling is designed to feed a front end that can be accessed directly by consumers.

The idea is that consumers order online, pay online or at the ‘grocery ATM’ and the automated system retrieves their order for them to take away. Myrmex says its suite of solutions enables click-and-collect deliveries, allowing the industry to respond to the accelerated demand for smart deliveries created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ocado Technology engineering director for OSP handling robotics Alex Harvey said: “We’ve been impressed with Myrmex’s capabilities and are excited about the potential synergies with our existing business. As the shift to online grocery accelerates, we are moving even faster in adding intelligence and automation to our end-to-end solution offering. Myrmex can play a part in that journey.”

Myrmex says the system is capable of delivering an online order a few seconds after the customer arrives at the pick-up point. The system also takes care of replenishment, returns, temperature controls, and payment methods.

For more information, visit www.myrmex-inc.com