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Order intake unprecedented for Baumann

01 September 2022

Value and innovation are driving record growth at Baumann, the world’s leading sideloader manufacturer.

ORDER INTAKE is at unprecedented levels as long load users turn to electric models to cut fuel costs and increase productivity, says UK sales & marketing director, Mark Bann.

“Customers are not only looking to reduce their fuel costs, but the lifetime cost of their equipment,” said Mark. “Our electric ranges are the ideal way to achieve that, with lower operating and servicing costs, plus high levels of responsiveness, comfort and lower noise levels.”

“We’ve added new deck, cabin and battery options this year, as well as new lights, load protection, guide rollers, fleet management systems and cameras, that’s on top of the many recent innovations implemented to reduce costs and increase longevity.”


Baumann will show its unique 120-volt sideloaders with a single-piece battery above deck at the IMHX22 trade show, which takes place this month at the NEC in Birmingham.

The ELX and EGX ranges come in a variety of capacities, from 3 to 8 tonnes capacity, with small chassis footprints and extremely efficient movement.

The battery is above deck so is easily removable by crane or fork pockets to allow battery exchange, particularly useful when replacing many diesel trucks. 


Because they feature 120-volt electrical systems, they lose less energy due to heat and electrical resistance, and customers are reporting nine hours runtime, sometimes more, on a single charge. With an eight-hour window to recharge, it is allowing them true multi-shift capability, and changing the battery is a simple five-minute operation. 

The company is also producing record numbers of single and double reach pantographs, extended carriages and load protectors, designed to help customers handle extra-long loads or, in the case of pantographs, load and entire lorry bed from a single side.

“Innovation is the lifeblood of our company, with new features designed to improve the customer experience. Take our superb auto-deck levelling, it means that the deck and load remains level when travelling on uneven ground. Aside from levelling the deck, there’s no operator input required as the feature works seamlessly in the background.”

Raised operator position

The raised operator position and panoramic cabins on Baumann sideloaders also provide unrestricted views, meaning the forks are always in clear view. It means it is far easier to judge where the load is. “Even so,” adds Mark, “we now have more camera options than ever before, on the chassis and mast, to provide additional reassurance. For special applications, cabins can be raised, widened or even specified to rotate through 180 degrees.”

Moving a long load is not only safer with a Baumann sideloader, it’s also more efficient. Because the truck faces forwards, the function performed by sideshift on a forklift is simply achieved by moving the truck forwards or back.

If this movement is restricted, or the centres of gravity of the loads vary, fork positioners allow you to move the position of the forks relative to the truck (but always a fixed distance from one another) via hydraulic rams mounted in the carriage. “Occasionally a load is stored on a slope or cannot be raised with level forks. A hydraulic lifting and lowering fork raises a single fork by a few inches to provide the ideal approach.”

Despite the ongoing success, the work continues to highlight the suitability of sideloaders for long load use. Concludes Mark: “The UK has a more mature materials handling market and generally there is widespread understanding of the sideloader concept. There are still companies out there, however, that use forklifts when it is dangerous or inappropriate to do so. We hope by bringing new innovations to the market, when the business case warrants it, and by concentrating on the fundamentals of sideloader use, we can demonstrate the reasons and rationale behind our continued success.” Stand 5C107

For more information, visit www.baumann-sideloaders.com