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PUMA selects WMS for Super G DC in Yorkshire

25 November 2019

The sportswear brand awarded Indigo Software the contract to implement its WMS at the new 13 acre Super G distribution centre in Glasshoughton.

When fully implemented, Indigo WMS will control the 261,000 sq ft warehouse process.

To maximise efficiency, PUMA’s DC will include partial automation features integrated with Indigo WMS. An automated scanning system will record all inbound items upon arrival, before they are labelled, assigned to the correct location and moved. Stock items will be transported by automated conveyor to the labelling area, where a unique identifier is added to each unit, specifying the SKU, volume and putaway location.  

All these processes will be driven through Indigo WMS, ensuring stock can be located instantly, space utilisation is optimised and pallets of orders can be assembled more quickly. Data will be captured automatically in real-time, so management will have an immediate snapshot of supply chain operations at any time.

PUMA will also be trialling voice picking, with the intention of using this technology to improve turnaround times on fast track replenishment orders for its most popular lines.

“We carefully reviewed our processes and considered a range of technology options, deciding that Indigo WMS was the best fit for PUMA’s long-term growth requirements and complemented our existing ERP system. We were also confident that Indigo could meet the precise implementation timescales and deliver on our logistics growth target,” said Darren Schofield, head of operations UKIB at PUMA.

As part of the project planning phase, Indigo conducted a full warehouse process review, to ensure that the technology being introduced would address PUMA’s warehouse business goals.