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Pallet racking supports 3PL launch

13 June 2023

SAUCE MANUFACTURER Choví has broken into the logistics sector with the creation of Choví Logistics. AR Racking has installed a combination of dry and cold storage systems in its facility in Valencia for the spin-off organisation.

The AR Racking team has manufactured and designed a comprehensive storage solution, combining a selective storage system, adjustable pallet racking, and a compact system, live pallet racking for the new 8,000 sq m warehouse.

Adjustable pallet racking, which is highly versatile, resistant to all types of loads and allowing direct access, stores 5,400 pallets. For its part, live pallet racking, with its high-density storage and with an incline and rollers to facilitate the movement of the load, has a capacity for 1,200 positions. The height of the racking is 11,000 mm, with the top level at 10,500 mm.

Around 2,000 sq m of the total area of the warehouse is dedicated to cold storage of between 3ºC and 5ºC. In any case, AR Racking’s galvanised racking guarantees the optimum storage of food thanks to its resistance to extreme temperatures. 

For more information, visit www.ar-racking.com