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Plan for any contingency

14 July 2023

NARROW AISLE, manufacturer of the Flexi Truck range of articulated forklift-based intralogistics solutions, has announced the launch of a storage solutions department offering a free warehouse planning service. 

Narrow Aisle’s new project design department will be headed-up by Paul MacBeath, who has joined the company from Kion, where he led the group’s storage division.

Paul MacBeath says: “Narrow Aisle now offers a range of warehouse design and implementation services that will develop the best possible solution to meet the unique needs of each application.”

He adds: “Across the country there is a huge number of warehouse buildings that are no longer fit for purpose due to the extensive changes in the retail market and the economy in general. Often the unit’s original role has changed completely and, as a result, the storage system is no longer as efficient as it could be. By redesigning the facility’s layout and introducing new materials handling technology we give an existing warehouse a whole new lease of life. In many cases this will mean the client can avoid the expense and disruption to the business of moving to a new building or outsourcing part or all their storage operation to a third party.”

For more information, visit www.flexi.co.uk