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Pouch systems boost turnaround times

07 February 2024

FULFILMENT AND return logistics are evolving as eCommerce continues to grow. Distribution warehouses are increasingly required to handle individual items that vary widely in size and shape. 

Online return rates – averaging between 20-30% for general goods and up to 60% for fashion items – are a particular challenge. Handling returns is a complex process that requires time, money, and resources. If not handled correctly, it can have a reputational impact as well.

A pouch sorter system from Beumer Group provides the solution. This specialised technology is capable of transporting, sorting, sequencing, and storing both outbound and returned items, simplifying and streamlining the eCommerce fulfilment process. By placing each returned item directly into a pouch rather than sending it back to the shelf for repicking, the pouch system serves as an intermediate buffer for return items, which are typically re-sold.

A Beumer pouch sorter therefore minimises touches to reduce labour costs and improve turnaround times, reduces the likelihood of misplacing or misidentifying items, and minimises turnaround time to improve customer satisfaction: delivering a more efficient and automated process. Returns data can be analysed to identify patterns and trends that can further improve the reverse logistics process. 

In addition to providing a pouch sorter system, Beumer Group can help to ensure that the technology is correctly deployed and aligns with your specific needs: offering the combination of the right technology and the right partnership.

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