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Meet Danny Bostock: Prologis UK's operations solutions expert

23 November 2023

As one of the nation’s leading owners, investors and developers of logistics property, Prologis UK is constantly innovating to streamline operations for its customers.

AN EXAMPLE of this commitment to delivering quality products for customers is through the Essentials platform, where customers are supported by Prologis UK’s Essentials Solutions Manager and fit-out expert, Danny Bostock.

With almost two decades of experience in delivering first-class operations solutions for customers, Danny’s ‘client-side’ expertise helps to shape the entire leasing arrangements for Prologis UK’s sales operations, assisting with delivering ‘turnkey’ solutions that help to make moving in as pain-free as possible. “What we want to limit is the dreaded ‘day one’ issues, where customers may have underestimated what items they may have needed to ensure a seamless transition into their new space,” comments Danny, “that’s where the Essentials platform comes in.” 

Essentials is a no-obligation programme designed to support customers, both in Prologis’ own buildings and beyond, in their journey. By utilising Prologis’ global scale and industry expertise, Essentials helps to simplify the common challenges that customers experience when they are moving in, growing within, or moving out of a facility. 

Having worked with, and for, the numerous fit-out experts, Danny’s understanding of what makes logistics spaces truly operational has been paramount to delivering first-class results for customers. “Despite coming from outside of the industrial and logistics real estate sector, my experience with understanding what customers within logistics properties need, their pain-points and how to utilise their space often allows me to put myself into their shoes and provide them with high quality advice that is tailored to their individual needs,” he explains. 

In 2023 alone, Prologis UK has helped customers with over 30 projects, ranging from pallet racking installations to new fleets of forklift trucks and warehouse barrier systems. Going over and above to deliver quality projects, an element that has not only been rewarding for Danny but also perfectly in line with the values of Prologis UK, has been its ability to work with customers to improve the sustainability credentials of its buildings. Through the LED lighting upgrade scheme, Prologis has already converted nearly 60 million sq ft of space across Europe to more energy efficient lighting. 

Over recent years, there has been a shift towards semi and fully-automated solutions within logistics buildings, for example automated forklift trucks, conveyor and lift systems or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The development of the Essentials programme has meant that Prologis is closer than ever to the needs of its customer and able to understand the evolving changes and challenges of its customer’s businesses. “Being at the cutting edge of technology has allowed to broaden our offerings with a more turnkey approach, enabling our customers to press the “easy” button and allow us to take care of even more of their fit-out requirements,” says Danny. 

“As the programme continues to grow, our Essentials team grows with it and I’m really excited to be part of the continued success of the programme. Part of this will involve us working not only in Prologis buildings, but also in properties outside of our portfolio. We know that the benefit Essentials can be shared far wider than the Prologis footprint.” 

To find out more about Prologis Essentials, contact Danny Bostock 

Blythe Valley Park, Prologis House, Blythe Gate, Solihull B90 8AH Tel: 07450 608777
Email: dbostock@prologis.com