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Renault invests in Skypod robots from Exotec

10 June 2024

The new-generation logistics facility in Villeroy, France is 100% automated, with the Skypod robots helping the car manufacturer pick items at height, while eliminating the risk of operators falling. 

THE TIME it takes to prepare parts orders is divided by six and the surface of the storage area on the site is reduced.

Renault Group director of after-sales logistics Xavier Lhors, says: “We are proud to collaborate with Exotec to equip our supply chain with Skypod robots, positioning our Villeroy site at the forefront of innovation. Thanks to this solution and the teams in place, we will be able to increase by 25% the number of orders served and strengthen our commitment to customer satisfaction, which remains a priority for us.

The solution is distinguished by its flexibility and adaptability to changing production needs. Able to adjust in real time with the addition of storage modules, robots or the modification of conveyors, the Exotec solution meets dynamic requirements. 

Exotec's robots are autonomous and equipped with advanced navigation and handling capabilities. Their compact design and their agility allow them to move quickly and efficiently in complex logistics environments, especially in the presence of other equipment and workers.

Currently, 191 robots are deployed at the Villeroy site for picking, inventory, put-away or compaction.

Robots now play a central role, from managing the storage of trays to making them available to operators for order preparation.

Injection: Pallets for storage in the facility are automatically injected into 60-litre trays. These are then transported by a robot that places them in the storage racks.

Picking: When customer orders are received, picking tasks are assigned to picking stations. A robot then collects the items ordered to bring them to the picking stations.

Shipping: Once the items are prepared, the packages are transported to the shipping area where they are sealed and routed to the shipping docks to be loaded onto the trucks.

The facility can prepare nearly 4,000 order lines per hour at its peak of activity with 14 picking stations. 

The preparation time of an order (from the beginning to the delivery of the package to shipments) is 20 minutes. Previously, this operation was carried out in two hours. 

The choice of Exotec makes it possible to reduce the site's energy consumption by 30% compared to the traditional solution, thanks to the elimination of handling equipment, replaced by robots that consume less energy.

Villeroy's logistics site currently processes up to 40,000 order lines per day with 110,000 references, including 20,000 references managed by the new logistics tool. It covers the Group's latest models (Scenic, Rafale, etc.) as well as older models.

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