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Research prices the cost of dropped sessions

29 June 2024

StayLinked’s research report, titled ‘Dropped Sessions – The Hidden Productivity Killer’, is the first to explore the impact of dropped sessions with those directly involved in warehouse operations: the warehouse worker. 

DROPPED SESSIONS occur when the connection is lost between a worker’s mobile device and the warehouse management system (WMS). The report reveals that over 30% of workers experience a dropped session at least once per hour. Each worker incurs an average of 50 minutes of lost productivity per day resolving dropped sessions. The average cost of dropped sessions per worker, per day is £13.02. For a warehouse with 50 workers this equates to £650.91a day and £162,727.61 a year.

Worryingly, for mobile device manufacturers, 47% of respondents believe that dropped sessions are caused by the hardware.

StayLinked chief technology officer Justin Griffith, says: “Our report shows the importance of raising awareness among warehouse operations managers that dropped sessions shouldn’t be a regular daily disruption to worker productivity, and are not caused by the mobile device hardware.

“The deployment of the right terminal emulation (TE) software delivers session persistence by enabling the worker’s workflow session to reside on a resident server and not on the worker’s mobile device. This ensures that if connectivity issues arise, connectivity to the WMS and the resulting data is not lost, even in 5G and private-5G network environments.”

A copy of the report: ‘Dropped Sessions – The Hidden Productivity Killer’, can be downloaded here. https://info.staylinked.com/session-persistence-report2024