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Revolutionising industrial power: EnerSys unveils NexSys

24 April 2024

ENERSYS HAS advanced the energy capabilities of NexSys TPPL Battery Technology with the introduction of an optional Accelerated Throughput Package (ATP).

Following an announcement made in March, EnerSys revealed the breakthrough in thin plate pure lead (TPPL) battery technology. Designed for a wide range of NexSys TPPL models, these ATP batteries are engineered for peak performance with intelligent controls and advanced thermal management. NexSys TPPL ATP batteries promise a substantial increase in daily energy throughput, rendering them ideal for demanding Class 1 and 2 equipment applications.

The energy capacity facilitated by the ATP upgrade is made possible through enhanced thermal management, enabling quicker and more efficient energy absorption during short charging intervals such as operator breaks or shift changes.

NexSys TPPL with ATP caters particularly well to applications requiring heightened energy capabilities to sustain high-volume, multi-shift operations. EnerSys TPPL technology, renowned for its high charging efficiency, now delivers accelerated recharging while upholding the maintenance-free experience synonymous with the NexSys battery line.

This technological advancement promises to elevate efficiency, enhance productivity, and offer a glimpse into the future of industrial power. The new, cutting-edge product line was showcased at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany which took place from 19-21 March 2024.

For more information, visit www.enersys.com