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Robotic palletiser implemented for gypsum products firm

05 May 2022

Casea, a manufacturer of gypsum products, commissioned Beumer Group to supply a robotic palletiser of the Beumer robotpac construction series.

It will allow the company to respond to the increasing demand of customers and can implement the cost-effective palletising of a special product mixture. The delivery date is planned for the third quarter of 2022.

At the Dorste plant in Osterode am Harz, Casea currently relies on a palletiser from Beumer Group. The company currently palletises all its products with this machine, which was installed in 2017. Due to the overall increase in demand, Casea has decided to add a new robotic palletiser Beumer robotpac to the palletising system.

The robotic palletiser equipped with a fork gripper and a pallet gripping device will be used for handling special product mixtures. However, with this system, the company can also flexibly react to increasing performance challenges or changed bag formats, an important aspect for the future. The compact robot can also be integrated very well into the existing local structures. Casea was particularly convinced by the technical concept and the very good customer relationship.

For more information, visit beumergroup.com/pd/palletising-technology/robotpac-robot-palletiser