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Save charging unit space

07 September 2023

THE HOPPECKE trak charger HF giant is a single unit with one power connection that effectively replaces eight individual chargers, saving both floor and shelf space. The product can be configured to charge batteries with differing voltages (24V to 80V) and capacities (64Ah to 1550Ah). 

Long operating hours and short charging periods impact forklift performance, so rapid battery charging is a cost-effective way of boosting availability. Since Hoppecke's new charger achieves up to 95% state of charge in 2.5 hours, intensive operations can easily incorporate opportunity charging during break times and shift changes.

After six charges at four-hourly intervals battery capacity returns to 100%, whereas without opportunity charging, capacity would be 62%. Heavy duty operations can take full advantage of this capability to maximise their working hours.

With the trak charger HF giant automatic battery recharging is independent of depth of discharge. The charger automatically transitions to recharge mode at the end of charge, compensating for self-discharge. Paperless evaluation provides greater transparency and the charger's large data memory enables users to track service life. The unit has a cooling system, which protects components from dust and dirt.

Charger operation is via intuitive touchscreen control.

For more information, visit www.hoppecke.com