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Secure the loading bay

19 December 2023

THERE IS a legal imperative that places the responsibility of employers to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, and companies that own warehouses and logistics facilities are increasingly made aware of hazards in their work environments.

To this effect, GMR Safety has been making loading bay safety its mission for over 25 years, and has developed a patented, robust, and reliable solution for securing loading bay areas. 

Accidents at loading bays pose a significant threat to warehouse operators and contribute to a substantial portion of workplace injuries in the UK. The fatal injury rate in the Transportation & Storage sector is said to be twice thr average, underscoring the urgent need for innovative safety solutions. Loading bay accidents encompass many scenarios, including trailer creep, unexpected departure, falls from the edge, caught in/between incidents, and sagging/tilting trailers.

Recognising the severity of these risks, GMR Safety offers various models of POWERCHOCK wheel-based vehicle restraints tailored to the needs and constraints of its customers. 

With an unmatched holding force of up to 50,000 lbs (25 tons), POWERCHOCK products rank first among all wheel chocking systems on the market. Other key benefits to this life-saving solution include universal compatibility with all types of vehicles, adaptability for an easy installation on any type of driveway approach, and maintenance-free functionality, eliminating operational downtime. 

The company adds: “Along with 30,000 systems installed worldwide, GMR Safety is also proud to offer a unique and exclusive 5-year warranty. Being the only manufacturer that warrants for such a duration its restraining plates and wheel chocks under normal use and despite attempts to prematurely leave the loading dock, the Canadian company provides their customers with a peace of mind and a confidence in the durability and reliability of their systems.”

For more information, visit www.gmrsafety.com