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Share your thoughts on the circular economy

21 June 2024

PhD candidate from the University of Warwick, Orsolya-Anna Mate has partnered with SCALA’s 3PL Best Practice Forum, to research the role of UK logistics companies in advancing the circular economy objectives.

LOGISTICS COMPANIES are invited to share their experiences implementing circular economy practices, either within their operations (optimising resource usage, facilitating asset sharing, repurposing waste/old assets) or their clients’ supply chains (managing product returns, enabling new applications for products/resources).

Orsolya-Anna Mate, commented: “The transition to a circular economy hinges significantly on the support of logistics service providers. They act as the connecting tissue, enabling circular opportunities and fostering collaboration among diverse actors. Yet, current discourse often places manufacturers at the centre stage, overshadowing the equally vital role of logistics firms in this transition”.

Participants in the research are asked to share their best practices confidentially to help shape industry standards, showcase leadership in circularity, drive systemic change, and contribute to valuable academic research.

Contributors will also have the opportunity to join SCALA’s 3PL Best Practice Forum to exchange insights and collaborate on innovative solutions and industry challenges.

SCALA is a global supply chain and logistics consultancy.

For more information, please contact:

Orsolya-Anna Mate (PhD candidate): orsolya-anna.mate@warwick.ac.uk

Alison Hobson (Client Services Director): alison.hobson@scalagroup.co.uk