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Q&A with... SmartFreight

24 November 2023

Making available the ability to ship with your carrier choices through a single integration. 

SmartFreight has a significant suite and range of global and local transport providers. Reporting, invoice reconciliation and personalised tracking portal are also useful features that allow the shipper to have clear visibility of every aspect of their shipping operation.

Tell us about your recent innovations?

2023 saw the launch of a new client customisable returns portal, making it easy for our clients to manage the returns process for their customers. Clients can capture the information they require as part of the returns process by tailoring their portal fields, can determine most appropriate carrier to be used and can configure the look and feel of the portal by branding it.

What challenges do your customers face and how are you helping them respond?

As businesses grow, their needs for A systems to manage their business changes, there becomes a tipping point where once a volume of dispatch reaches a certain point that systems are required to manage the process efficiently. This is where SmartFreight comes in. SmartFreight will bring order and systematic processes, speeding up and automating the dispatch function of a warehouse. SmartFreight will automate carrier choice based on client business rules and any optimisation choices, thereafter, generating the appropriate carrier label.

For larger businesses with more complex needs SmartFreight will automate and simplify existing shipping rules allowing for additional carriers to be used, facilitating greater choice and redundancy.

How important is technology in modern warehousing and logistics?

Cost and speed are key driving factors in the warehouse sector and much of any activity relates to one or other or both. Technology has enabled operations to do more, faster and more cost effectively than ever before. This continues to be the case. The efficiency of a warehouse operation can determine the overall success of a business, so getting this right is critically important. Ensuring adoption of the latest technologies allows your business to maintain a competitive advantage. It is no longer an option to simply add more people to an operation to complete tasks, companies must look to find solutions using technologies that increase efficiencies and allow for scaling.


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