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Stacker series launches

15 September 2023

MITSUBISHI FORKLIFT TRUCKS has launched the AXiA EM platform stacker series, which is available in 1.2- and 1.6-tonne capacities. It has been developed for operation in high bay stacking, order picking, and transport supply/feed applications.

It comes in three configurations: foldable platform with optional foldable side protection bars, fixed side entry, or rear entry protected platforms. Each offers excellent, progressive damping to eliminate vibration and fixed platform models have an option for electrical adjustment to suit the weight or preferences of individual operators.

An extensive series of mast models are available to suit every application. Duplex masts offer lift heights from 2690mm to 4200mm, while Triplex masts deliver lift heights from 4350mm to 5400mm.

An optional Initial Lift allows AXiA EM to serve as a double pallet handler for greater efficiency, with exceptional ground clearance for ease of use on uneven floors.

AXiA EM can be supplied with lead acid or built-in Li-ion battery.

The ErgoSteer tiller head is as robust as it is intuitive to operate. Protected against damp and dust it is ideal for all applications. Described as ‘the most ergonomic tiller head on the market’ it has been designed to eliminate strain and repetitive strain injuries reducing fatigue.

For more information, visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk