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Stretch hood seeks to boost security

21 June 2024

BEUMER HAS launched a patented stretch hood in a bid to prevent tampering, damage or other impacts during storage and transportation. 

Each system is custom-designed to meet individual application requirements and can be integrated into the customer's conveyor system or supplied standalone.

BEUMER Group head of sales division consumer goods Jörg Spiekermann, says: “Putting film over a pallet is the easy part – making sure that the contents are centred, accurately weighed and measured before they are finally sealed requires repeatable accuracy and consistency that can only be achieved with automation. Our stretch hood technology makes it easy to deploy an automated solution at the end of the line. Our solution minimises the opportunity for human error during this critical phase and applies a stretched protective seal that guards against spoilage or pilfering.”

The tech is used for applications ranging from high-quality electronic items to food & beverage packaging to palletised loads of construction materials.

The BEUMER stretch hood achieves maximum load stability using a combination of vertical and horizontal contracting forces on the film, which is highly flexible to accommodate many different product sizes. With the use of cold-stretchable films, the BEUMER stretch hood does not involve heat exposure, so there is no possibility of the film sticking. No air-cooling of the film sealing seam is necessary either, which means this film packaging machine has very low operating costs. 

The plastic hood protects against moisture and dirt ingress while holding products securely in place so that the pallets can be safely moved and stacked without slippage. 

The individual system design is dependent on other customer handling aspects, such as use of forklifts and carts, manual lifting requirements, and the height to which the pallets must be elevated. These elements will determine whether conventional or low-level roller conveyors and integral lifting systems should be incorporated, for example. 

The BEUMER stretch hood can be supplied as a linear system or designed to turn corners to fit into a smaller footprint. Third party equipment, such as labelling systems or platform scales, can be accommodated. The design may also include a compressor where the customer has no existing compressed air supply.

For more information, visit www.beumer.com