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Survey helps identify risks facing forklift users

30 April 2024

Mentor Training has launched a forklift safety survey designed to help identify the real risks facing companies operating MHE today.

DESPITE STRINGENT Health & Safety legislation, the UK witnesses around 1,300 serious injuries each year resulting from accidents involving lift trucks. Most of these are entirely avoidable. Mentor aims to gather data from real companies within the wider industry and to identify the latest trends and areas of focus.

Mentor Training commercial director Adam Smith, explains the goal: “To build a true picture of forklift training and safety standards and identify areas for improvement, we believe you need to involve those at the heart of UK operations. By having their say in our anonymous survey, they can provide invaluable insight and shape findings that will help inform the wider industry, with a summary report due to be available once data is collated.”

Identifying areas of risk is vital in any industry, but in scenarios where MHE and pedestrians work in close proximity, the stakes are particularly high. Understanding where potential dangers stem from is a vital first step in reducing the number of costly accidents and serious injuries affecting UK businesses.

Adam encourages all organisations using forklift trucks to have their say: “The survey takes less than ten minutes to complete and, as a thank you for their time, each participant can enter our prize draw for the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher. We would love to hear the thoughts of as many people as possible, so we hope UK businesses will get involved to give us their take on forklift safety.”

To find out more about Mentor’s Forklift Safety Insights Survey, visit: https://mentortraining.co.uk/forklift-safety-insights-survey-2024/