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TLX Cargo launches TLX8 thermal blanket range

31 May 2024

TLX CARGO is said to have revolutionised thermal pallet cover technology with TLX8 using SOLARAP, a cutting-edge material inspired by human skin. Just as melanin absorbs harmful UV rays, SOLARAP employs similar principles to safeguard cargo from solar radiation.

We’ve all experienced the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. Our skin’s natural defence mechanism – melanin – absorbs UV rays to protect our DNA. Inspired by this, TLX Cargo has developed SOLARAP, a groundbreaking material designed to offer unparalleled protection for cargo.

Innovative inspiration

Thomas Hunt, CEO of TLX Cargo, elaborates: “After two years of rigorous research and development, we’ve perfected TLX8. This innovative material, just 0.5mm thick, features nano-pores that create a surface area equal to eight football pitches. These pores act as a dynamic barrier, scattering radiation and providing robust protection from all angles.”

Real-world testing

The journey began in the UK, but real-life testing in Australia’s intense sun was crucial to refining the technology. Alice Harrop, Senior Scientist at TLX Cargo, notes, “Protecting cargo from heat buildup is complex. Solar radiation varies widely in wavelength, from extremely small ultraviolet rays to larger infrared waves. The intensity and direction of this radiation varies according to atmospheric conditions and the sun’s position. SOLARAP adjusts to these variables, offering stronger protection as the temperature rises.”

Industry leadership

TLX Cargo is at the forefront of thermal pallet cover technology, operating ten global distribution sites across four continents. Our temperature-controlled solutions cater to the needs of the world’s largest perishable, pharmaceutical, and 3PL organisations. With the introduction of SOLARAP, we are set to redefine industry standards.

Superior performance

What sets SOLARAP apart is its ability to mimic the skin’s natural UV protection. Unlike the skin, where melanin can still allow some DNA damage, SOLARAP ensures that all absorbed radiation is effectively blocked, enhancing performance as a cargo cover. This means your cargo remains protected, no matter how harsh the sun.

Commercial availability

TLX8 covers made from SOLARAP are now in commercial production at our facility. For those interested in experiencing this revolutionary technology first-hand, we offer samples for live lane trials.

Experience the future of cargo protection with SOLARAP by TLX Cargo. Transform how you safeguard your valuable shipments with nature-inspired innovation that sets new standards in the industry.

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