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Tailored storage for newly acquired Lanarkshire warehouse

12 May 2024

STAMINA STORAGE Systems has again collaborated with Bishopsgate Specialist Logistics and Installations to implement a tailored storage solution for its newly acquired warehouse in Lanarkshire.

Building upon their successful partnership in Warrington, Stamina provided pallet racking solutions for Bishopsgate's facility, establishing a foundation of trust and reliability.

The Lanarkshire project posed several challenges, including the need to seamlessly complete the installation in two phases while adhering to the contractor's schedule. Meeting the prompt storage requirements of Bishopsgate's loyal customer was a top priority, involving configuring and designing the racking to accommodate 4707 Euro pallets and 3138 Chep Pallets.

The company says: “We designed and supplied our high-quality Stamina Rack system for the project. This system, featuring a wide aisle configuration comprising 6 double-sided runs of 20 bays and a single run of 28 bays, maximised storage capacity and efficiency for Bishopsgate’s operations. Additionally, rack end barrier protection and individual Protect-It Stackable column protectors were installed to safeguard the racking system and ensure workplace safety.”

“Through meticulous planning and execution, our team successfully completed the project within the specified timeline. By dividing the installation into two phases, disruption to Bishopsgate's operations was minimised, ensuring their storage solutions were ready and waiting on move-in day.”

Bishopsgate operations director Jake Bloch, says: “Our new warehousing space creates opportunities for significant further growth by enabling us to develop our services to customers, and the team at Stamina Storage Systems fully maximised the space with their pallet racking system. They worked closely with our team to ensure the installation was seamless and ready on time for our move-in date – we are very pleased with the result.”

For more information, visit https://staminastorage.com