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The power of connected solutions

08 May 2024

IT’S NOT the latest news that automation technologies such as robotics and sortation are almost indispensable for warehouses needing to scale their operations and remain competitive.

What is changing the automation landscape very quickly is the accelerating development of software and its ability to make connections between all the separate components that automate a process, from smaller tasks at a packing bench to more complex robot integration.

For example, wearable scanners are well recognised for their ability to streamline manual picking and packing operations leading to faster order fulfilment, less errors and improved productivity as well as ergonomic and mobility benefits to the workforce. 

Breathe Technologies explains: “Add some innovative software to the process however and even more small manual tasks are removed. For example, our Orquestr8 software module integrates with ProGlove scanners to generate a label print instruction at the time the product/order verification is scanned, improving packing speeds from 70 to over 100 units per hour. 

“Is AI important at this point? It’s fast becoming part of the logistics landscape and alongside machine learning is here to stay. Breathe Technologies are well established on our AI journey, and in our experience, there are two aspects of its problem-solving abilities that make a difference. 

“The ability of AI to analyse large quantities of historical data to solve complex problems and apply the learning to real time information is game changing. It supports proactive decision making and operational resilience and is very likely to become a standard feature of the WMS of the future. Secondly through our pick optimisation software we’re seeing the value of AI’s problem-solving algorithms. We’ve been able to vastly reduce walking time and improve productivity for clients with excellent return on investment,” the company concludes.

For more information, visit breathetech.co.uk