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Turnkey sorting solutions with high throughput

23 November 2023

Q&A with Kasper Stoffels, Head of Marketing, Distrisort.

What is your company’s USP?

DistriSort integrates turnkey sorting solutions with high throughput and the most number of destinations on the smallest footprint.

Tell us about your recent innovations?

This year DistriSort has brought two innovations to market; the Standard Fashion Sorter and the Cross Tray XL.

In the 20 years that DistriSort has been in business we have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise in automated sortation. Specifically in the field of sorting fashion/clothing items. To help (growing) companies that are seriously considering an automatic sorting solution, but for whom the investment in a tailor-made solution is not (yet) justifiable we have launched the Standard Fashion Sorter. The Standard Fashion Sorter is a pre-configured split tray sorter for the fashion industry that makes automatic sorting feasible and affordable, without compromising on quality and technology. A sorting solution that delivers savings almost immediately and speeds up your entire logistics process and makes it more efficient. Due to its pre-configured nature the solution has a fast delivery time and a lower price than engineered to order solutions, but has limited options. Options that all work well for the challenges of the fashion sorting process, whether it is inbound, outbound or e-commerce logistics flows.

Next to the Standard Fashion Sorter we are also pleased to announce our Cross Tray XL sorter. In 2019 we introduced the Cross Tray Sorter to the market. An industry disruptive technology that solved the shortcomings of other high-speed unit sorter for non- conveyable, fragile, and lightweight items. With an ever increasing demand to sort larger and heavier items, we launched the Cross Tray Xl with tray sizes up to 600x800mm that will sort packages and single items up to 21kg’s. Due to the fully mechanical nature of the sorter and low energy consumption the solution has a competitive purchase price and low noise levels, meaning operator ergonomics.

What challenges do your customers face and how are helping them respond?

More and more we see that our customers are either having difficulties finding labour, or that labour is getting more

and more expensive. Especially when it comes to jobs in warehouses or distribution centers. That means that processes that are repetitive by nature or processes that require a large workforce are the first to be automated. It doesn’t always mean replacing people through automation, but offering them a different job that is more challenging and may retain them for longer. Our automated sorting solutions are actually a great first step if you are looking to automate your sorting process. By doing so you can go from single order picking to batch picking, making the process much more efficient and saving costs. Automated sortation touches almost every other aspect in the warehouse, and it can easily be installed as a stand alone solution before you move on to automate other parts of your logistic operation. Next to this it perfectly integrates with existing warehouse infrastructure and with our turnkey solutions the customer can start as soon as the project is handed over.

What you are doing to meet sustainability objectives?

Sustainability has always been a key driver for the design of our products, but also in the way we do business. From the simple fact that we have over 700 solar panels on the roof of our headquarters near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as well as that the extension of our building will be fully electrically heated through more solar panels and heat pumps, but also in the fact that our sorters are build up from materials that are recyclable. Due to the no-weld construction of our sorters and the use of aluminium at the end of life our sorters can easily be recycled if that is the wish of the customer. Next to this we try to reduce waste to a minimum both in our manufacturing process but also on site.

What trends have you seen in your sector this year?

This year there has been a lot of talk about robotics. With the ever facing issues in the labour market, there is more and more interest in robotics. Many companies are trialling one or more different robotic solutions to get a feel of what it is really capable of. These can be robotic arms, AMR, AGV or any of the other solutions that are being offered in the market. As the expert in automated solutions we can integrate these robotic solutions with our sorters and that is one of the strengths of our solutions. Whether our customers want it today, or if they just want to be ready for a future with robotics our designs solutions are already designed with that in mind.

What does your company have planned for 2024?

We have quite a few customers already where we are delivering new solutions and we are looking forward to telling you more about that soon. From a product point of view, there are some exciting developments; There is one that has to do with robotics and robotic induction as well as some further product advancements on our Cross Tray XL. These developments are going to be real game-changers and will be unique to our product offering.


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