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Versionless cloud native microservices architecture offered

24 November 2023

Q&A with Craig Summers, Managing Director, Manhattan Associates

What is your company’s USP?

Apart from our award-winning software our real USP is the quality and experience of the people we have in our team, many of whom choose to spend their entire careers at Manhattan. For a tech company, I believe the fact that so many people actively decide to stay as long as they do, is quite the testament to the global culture we have fostered over the last 33 years!

We also have to highlight the ‘versionless’ cloud native ‘microservices’ architecture that Manhattan Active® Transport Management; Warehouse Management and Order Management is built on – this enables our customers to enjoy the benefit of new functionality on a quarterly basis with no downtime and no disruption to their operation!

Tell us about your recent innovations?

Earlier in the year we announced our main 2023 innovation where we re-imagined Manhattan Active® Yard Management. By redesigning yard management to work seamlessly with our industry leading warehouse and transportation management solutions on a single cloud native platform, Manhattan is completing the digital unification of distribution and logistics where they come together in the physical world.

What challenges do your customers face and how are helping them respond?

The challenging macroeconomic climate and global permacrisis we currently seem to be experiencing is putting more pressure on consumers and therefore our customers. Maximising operational efficiencies have never been so important and many of these efficiencies start in the supply chain. We deliver transparency across online, in-store warehouse, yard and transport systems enabling our customers to make better, smarter, more sustainable and profitable decisions.

What industry sectors do you target?

We have such a breadth of customers across so many sectors that to say we target one specific sector would be inaccurate. If you sell goods either to consumers or other businesses and have a supply chain, we can help.

What are you doing to meet sustainability objectives?

At Manhattan Associates, our commitment to building a cleaner and more sustainable future shapes every decision we make. As a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce, we’re dedicated to building sustainability into our own organisation and we are equally committed to helping our customers run their supply chains in more sustainable and environmentally aware ways too.

What trends have you seen in your sector this year?

One of the biggest waves to hit the supply chain and logistics industry over the last twelve months has been Generative AI. While we’re early on in the maturity curve of this new technology (especially when it comes to closed networks like supply chains), I think everyone at Manhattan, especially Sanjeev our CTO, is very excited by the potential it has to transform the space in so many ways we cannot even imagine in 2024.

What does your company have planned for 2024?

I can’t tell you exactly what our plans for 2024 are just yet, but with 90-day rapid development cycles as part of our Active Supply Chain platform, innovation and the continued unification of supply chain is certainly something your readers can look forward to from Manhattan in the New Year.

How important is technology in modern warehousing and logistics?

Technology in the modern warehouse and logistics space is pivotal. If you are not innovating and continually moving forward, maintaining the status quo is in effect the same as going backwards. The key to maximising true efficiency, cost-savings, and sustainability, however, remains aligning tech advances with your human workforce. Technology progress does not mean making a choice between man or machine, it’s about joining the two to empower man and machine.

What is the latest news from your company?

We recently announced the findings of our 2023 Global Omnichannel Research Report. The findings highlighted how retailers are increasingly digitising their in-store offering in efforts to improve customer experiences and maintain market share, at a time where cost- of-living challenges have affected the shopping habits of 89% of consumers.


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