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Visibility platform launches road freight tracking

23 January 2024

BEACON, THE supply chain visibility and collaboration platform, has launched road freight tracking, further expanding its multi-modal capabilities.

The advancement allows Beacon platform users to gain complete visibility of their ocean, air, and road transport in a single dashboard.          

Moving goods across the world often depends on an intricate network of partners and transportation methods. Road tracking complements Beacon’s existing ocean and air capabilities and marks another milestone in its mission to equip supply chain and logistics teams with a single source of truth for freight visibility.

With the release of road freight tracking, Beacon's platform is now connected to the fleets of 158,000 road carriers globally. Customers can expect real-time tracking data updates at 15-minute intervals for important tracking milestones including:

• Estimated and actual departure times

• Remaining journey distance      

• Estimated and actual arrival times

Leveraging data sourced from telematics devices on trucks, Beacon ensures real-time insights and transparency throughout the road freight journey. For hauliers or carriers not yet integrated with Beacon's data provider, the platform offers a seamless onboarding process, enabling the connection of telematics devices in under two weeks.

Tracking road shipments requires the input of four pieces of information provided by road carriers: license plate, pick-up and drop-off addresses and pick-up timeslot. Beacon's ‘Address Book’ function facilitates the creation and management of addresses, offering enhanced convenience for users. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to link additional data points such as carrier name, PO Number, SKU, and more, as part of the shipment upload process.

Beacon CEO Fraser Robinson, says: “The launch of road freight tracking is a significant milestone for Beacon, marking the next step in the expansion of our platform. With ocean, air, and now road capabilities, we offer a holistic solution that empowers businesses with unparalleled visibility and collaboration across their entire supply chain. Beacon is committed to driving innovation in logistics, ensuring our users thrive in the fast-paced world of modern commerce.”

For more information, visit www.beacon.com