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Visku to bind consultancy and virtual warehouse storage

08 November 2023

SUPPLY CHAIN consultants Bis Henderson has combined its consultancy and space businesses under a single new brand, Visku.

The third element of the Bis Henderson Group, Bis Henderson Recruitment, will continue to operate under its existing brand. The Bis Henderson Group name will no longer be used.

Bringing the two businesses together as a single, integrated business with shared goals and objectives, opens the door to a whole new world for customers, according to Visku.

The offering encompasses analysis, concept and design to the physical delivery of a ‘super-flexible’ network solution of virtually managed pallets that are spare capacity with 3PLs and end users throughout the UK.

Visku is a £70m revenue business with 400+ projects delivered and 500k+ pallets currently under management.

With a slack market predominant at the moment, this is especially pertinent as many companies are looking to better utilise extra space.

Visku CEO Andy Kaye says: “We’ve created an ecosystem for the better utilisation of assets, underpinned by our consulting expertise.

“Businesses now face continual challenges and constant change. The only effective mitigation against such uncertainty is business agility, facilitated by a ‘super flexible’ supply chain. But, creating a strategic solution that is highly flexible, demands imaginative supply chain thinking and deep, practical expertise. Visku delivers on this vision.

“We already hold a wealth of expertise in our supply chain consultancy and we have the know-how and market position in the warehouse space sector to build supply chain networks with the flexibility and resilience that businesses are looking for. Now as Visku, we will be in a position to leverage our combined strengths to offer our clients both agile long-term strategic solutions, based on sound cost-to-serve analysis and intelligent consulting, as well as highly responsive, strategic and short-term warehousing options. Our innovative approach will free businesses to strategically plan ahead, as well as respond quickly to unforeseen challenges.”


Andy Kaye, previously CEO of Bis Henderson Group, becomes CEO of Visku and also takes up the position as Chairman of Bis Henderson Recruitment. Alongside Andy, the leadership teams previously operating Bis Henderson Space and Bis Henderson Consulting remains the same for Visku; Neil Adcock, Managing Director, Consulting; Steve Purvis as Managing Director, Warehousing; Tom Fitzgerald, Chief Financial Officer; Debbie Foulke, People Officer; Louisa Hosegood, Strategy & Transformation Director.

For more information, visit www.visku.com