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Wincanton deploys pioneering VersaTile automation 

28 June 2024

The modular automation solution has been installed at the 3PL’s Northampton shared user facility to tackle high-volume e-Fulfilment for customers.

VERSATILE IS an automated, modular system of moving tiles for quickly bringing goods to pickers within a warehouse. Its implementation is expected to deliver a fivefold increase in pick and presentation rates, facilitating order picking within minutes and delivering significant efficiency and productivity benefits for Wincanton customers.

Wincanton’s shared user facility in Northampton is the first e-Fulfilment centre to benefit from this pioneering technology. Using its in-house Development Framework, Wincanton has designed and developed bespoke integration software that enables VersaTile to operate seamlessly with the company’s existing systems. 

Wincanton has invested in this solution to enable its customers’ fulfilment operations to be more agile. This comes after its proprietary research found that over 8 in 10 (83%) of UK retailers are planning for order volume growth over the next three years, but nearly nine in ten (89%) feel that increased orders would negatively impact their ability to successfully fulfil customer orders.  

This announcement marks the latest in a series of investments Wincanton has made in innovative automation technology, following the acquisition of Invar Group in March 2024. 

Wincanton chief customer and innovation officer, Paul Durkin, says: “Wincanton is accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technology for the benefit of its customers, and our exciting investment in this innovative tote-to-person picking solution from Versatile Automation will transform productivity and efficiency in our shared user eFulfilment operations.”

Versatile Automation chief executive Joni Rautavuori, adds: “Supply chains are under tremendous pressure to meet ever changing customer demands for shorter delivery times, higher flexibility, and lower cost in a sustainable manner. VersaTile’s solution uses advanced technology to address these very challenges. Having Wincanton, a leading supply chain company in UK, as our first customer shows the credibility of VersaTile Automation’s technology and the trust in our experienced team behind it.”

There are two VersaTile products: Matrix for totes in a 3D configuration and Grid for pallets and cages in 2D space. Matrix and Grid share the same software platform and AI engine.

VersaTile is developed by Versatile Automation, a spin off company from automation technology manufacturer Tharsus.