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Yale launches MPC15 lithium-ion pallet truck

13 October 2023

Yale Lift Truck Technologies has added new features and options for its Yale MPC15 lithium-ion powered pallet truck, a compact and cost-effective solution for warehousing operations.

THE NEW features include a 1500mm tall load backrest and a retractable cargo belt, which may help operators to secure loads in applications where metal cage trolleys or taller loads are being transported. The pallet truck also offers different fork dimension options, ranging from 800mm to 1220mm in length and 550mm or 685mm width, to suit different operational needs.

With lithium-ion battery power, the Yale MPC15 pallet truck is designed to help reduce manual handling and operator fatigue, improve handling efficiency and productivity, and support flexibility in warehouses, as there is less physical strain on the operator. It is suitable for loading and unloading delivery vehicles, as well as for internal transportation of pallets over short or medium distances. It also has the ability to operate in tight spaces and narrow aisles thanks to its tight turning radius while low-effort, ergonomically designed controls enable smooth and responsive operation. The MPC15 pallet truck is durable and robust, with a specially designed cover that protects the components and the battery, a welded fork construction, and a reinforced compact chassis.

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