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Proud past exciting future

27 May 2021

The growing demand for alternative power solutions continues to drive evolution. This sparks opportunities to find new solutions and gains in product design.

For Yale Europe Materials Handling, the idea of alternative power is a concept that began over 100 years ago. In 1920, Yale & Towne introduced its first electric forklift truck to the materials handling market. With this release, alongside a wide range of new materials handling equipment, the Yale brand was officially born.

Since then, Yale has developed its power solutions, applying its ‘People. Products. Productivity.’ philosophy to understand and overcome client challenges. Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most popular power solutions, with greater productivity and improved total costs being highly beneficial to a range of customers. It helps customers optimise their utilisation in multi-shift applications by eliminating the need for replacement batteries and battery change-overs. Space previously used for battery charging can now be used for more productive purposes, such as storage space or production.

“Use of lithium-ion batteries has seen rapid growth. Greater numbers of customers are finding this battery technology commercially viable. For example, food and pharmaceutical applications benefit from the reduced risk of chemical spillage, while automotive, retail and logistics applications reap the rewards of utilising a single battery for a multi-shift operation,” said Ivor Wilkinson, Solutions Manager at Yale. “We recognise power solutions for materials handling equipment are evolving, that’s why we are always continuing to develop our power options and invest in new technologies to anticipate future customer requirements.”

The Yale ERP25-30VLL Series counterbalance forklift truck is engineered around an integrated lithium-ion battery, enabling space in the operator cabin to be optimised.

“Our new fully-integrated lithium-ion truck showcases the innovative vision of Yale to develop the future of motive power. The ERP25-30VLL offers all the benefits of lithium-ion power: high efficiency, charging flexibility, zero maintenance. It embraces technology that enhances our customers’ productivity while keeping operation costs low. We believe it is a powerful addition to our product range,” said Ivor.

As the truck has been designed around the power source, the additional gains made in the operator compartment places the ERP25-30VLL at the forefront of innovation. When it comes to maintaining high levels of productivity, comfortable employees can make all the difference to a company’s operation. The machine should be able to work in harmony with its operator, requiring minimal effort to execute tasks. The new MPX Series platform pallet trucks from Yale (main picture) embodies this philosophy, offering impressive ergonomics and exceptional manoeuvrability.

“The Yale MP20-30X platform pallet trucks have been designed around the needs of the operator during horizontal transportation of loads,” explained Gianbattista Scaramuzza, Senior Product Strategy Manager, Warehouse Products at Yale.

“Even in the most congested of spaces, these new low lift trucks can work effortlessly. For businesses looking to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity, the MPX Series trucks are the perfect addition to a fleet.” “While we reflect on a wonderful 100 years since the production of our first electric truck, we are already looking ahead to the future with the technology that will power Yale trucks into the next 100 years,” concluded Ivor.

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