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Yusen collaborates with Dexory

13 June 2024

Yusen Logistics has implemented a global visibility platform, DexoryView from Dexory.

AS A result of the deployment, Yusen Logistics is able to conduct wall-to-wall scans of its warehouse within two hours. This process used to take over one and a half weeks each month and over 100 hours of manual labour. Previously, Yusen Logistics carried out two annual wall-to-wall checks of the warehouse, but through generating real-time data each day, the company has also been able to remove this task completely, saving an additional 205 hours of work annually.

Yusen head of contract logistics Darren Felstead, says: “Yusen Logistics are investing in digitisation and automation to provide our customers with real time visibility of their inventory. The use of robotics and automation helps to optimise our warehouse space, which reduces costs, improves performance and stock accuracy, and removes down time for manual stock takes.”

The implementation of the Dexory technology will play a pivotal role in Yusen Logistics’ efforts in streamlining warehouse operations. 

For more information, visit dexory.com