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The ‘augmented reality’ of the modern warehouse

09 January 2024

WAREHOUSE LEADERS are under increasing pressure to do more in less time without compromising on accuracy.

They are adapting to rising customer expectations, competitive pressure and labour scarcity by focusing on operational enhancements that encourage worker enablement. The Modern Warehouse augments human capabilities with technology and process automation. While automation is on the rise in warehouses, there is and always will be a reliance on human intervention. According to the Zebra Warehousing Vision Study 2023, 73% of warehouse decision-makers agree that providing front-line workers with easy-to-use technology is a top priority.

This approach to labour planning prioritises technology investments that make the workplace more efficient, safer, skilled and adaptable, setting a new standard of operational excellence. Technology investments such as Zebra Fixed Scanning Warehouse Solutions that includes Pack Bench, Forklift Scanning, Scan Tunnel and the Dock Door Scan Portal which will all be on show at LogiMAT 2024.

Whether it’s individuals standing at packing benches processing and packing orders, pallets being moved around by forklift operatives, packages being sorted and processed on conveyors, or goods being tracked as they move into and out of facilities, manual processes in warehouses create inefficiencies, safety hazards, and employee frustration and fatigue.

Zebra Fixed Scanning Warehouse Solutions can help achieve up to 33% faster packing operations, reduce maintenance and downtime saving thousands of dollars annually in the process, improve safety, and result in fewer delays and returns caused by misreads at distribution centres.

Tech-empowerment and automation such as this provides a proven boost to employee value and morale. In fact, 83% of front-line workers surveyed by Zebra stating that they feel more valued when provided with the tools that help them do their job. Automation in the warehouse is not a trend, it is a necessary strategic response to the challenges of today.

Visit Zebra at LogiMAT 2024 in Stuttgart, Hall 2 Stand 2A21. Contact Zebra today to order your free entry code to LogiMAT 2024. LogiMAT takes places in Stuttgart from March 19-21, 2024.​