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Global rollout for autonomous stock-taking innovation

20 February 2024

ID LOGISTICS and AI and robotics solutions provider Dexory have joined forces to deploy ASTRID, a digital twin and inventory management solution, across global sites.

The collaboration is part of the ID Logistics’ ASTRID program, deploying Autonomous Stock Taking Robots for high-speed inventory management. The collaboration aims to increase warehouse accuracy and enhance overall efficiency to improve the service provided to its customers. Deployments have commenced at sites in France and look to expand to additional geographies in 2024.

The cornerstone of this collaboration is the robot Astrid. Operating seamlessly within the daily operations, Astrid conducts live, wall-to-wall inventory checks, flagging inaccuracies in real-time. This innovative approach saves countless hours, allowing the inventory team to promptly address discrepancies and prevent the knock-on effects of errors. Astrid can process up to 10,000 pallets per hour, significantly boosting efficiency.

The implementation of this cutting-edge technology has been met with enthusiasm from site teams, becoming an integral part of day-to-day operations. The system has elevated accuracy levels to over 99.9%, nearly achieving perfection in operations. The robots operate during normal working hours, navigating around colleagues and machinery without the need to close aisles, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

ID Logistics group innovation manager Beniot Boiron, says: “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of inventory management and warehouse data acquisition. Astrid's precision and real-time monitoring capabilities have transformed our day-to-day operations, bringing accuracy to new heights.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with ID Logistics to support the elimination of inventory visibility gaps in their warehouses using real-time data. This partnership represents a significant leap forward in enhancing operational efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity,” adds Oana Jinga, chief operating and product officer at Dexory.

For more information, visit www.dexory.com