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Design charging facilities to fit your space

31 May 2024

IN MANY warehouses, room is available but not utilised effectively. Every square metre left idle due to inadequate planning represents financial losses for operators. 

Fronius Perfect Charging's Project Business Team plans to tackle this problem with individualised charging solutions. In collaboration with customers, the charging specialists, design and implement compliant facilities that maximise the full potential for performance and cost optimisation.

Fronius Perfect Charging's compact charging room ensures optimal space utilisation even in limited intralogistics settings. Based on a flexible modular principle, the system components can be combined and expanded as needed. Space savings allow companies to use their warehouse areas more efficiently and reduce operating costs.

The modular charging solution can be dismantled and rebuilt or expanded. Each custom solution is implemented according to applicable standards meeting the highest safety standards for all parties involved. Additionally, Fronius offers training to prevent application errors in advance.

If an operator decides to connect and centrally control its charging infrastructure, this can be done with Charge&Connect from Fronius. Furthermore, users can connect their charging solutions to their own PV system.

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