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Entering a vibrant market

08 May 2024

Q&A with Patrik Olsson, chief operating officer, Consafe Logistics.

Q: WHAT MOTIVATED Consafe Logistics' UK entry?

A: The UK has a vibrant logistics market and great potential for innovation. We aim to support this growth with our WMS and WCS solutions and expertise to drive modernisation further. A local presence also enables us to strengthen ties with our existing customers and partners, allowing us to quickly adapt and meet their needs.

Q: What is your message for companies considering their next step in warehouse optimisation?

A: Many technologies available today can transform your logistics into a competitive advantage. A WMS can incorporate AI or digital twin technology and integrate seamlessly with warehouse robotics for efficient and more sustainable operations. Second, in a dynamic market, choosing flexible and scalable solutions is essential. Third, seeking a trusted partnership with your WMS vendor is key to success. We build long-term partnerships with our UK customers and offer them our expertise and support beyond project implementation to reach their objectives. 

Q: Can you share a project with a UK customer?

A: Our collaboration with Rexel UK is a prime example. To ensure superior service availability to their customers, they invested in a new, central distribution centre in Aylesbury, where they store 30,000 SKUs and are planning to pick 13,000 items daily. Our WMS seamlessly integrates with the AutoStore system in the facility, significantly enhancing service times and showcasing the benefits of advanced warehouse management.

For more information, visit www.consafelogistics.com