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Fast-growing eComm player doubles fulfilment capacity

04 January 2024

ACTIVEWEAR E-TAILER AYBL has doubled its fulfilment capacity by deploying the Descartes Peoplevox Warehouse Management System.

Descartes Systems Group has transformed the warehouse and fulfilment capabilities of UK-based AYB by replacing paper-based picking and manual fulfilment practices with Descartes Peoplevox WMS. Using the solution to improving picking efficiency and accuracy, AYBL has doubled its fulfilment capacity with existing staff and can seamlessly scale to fulfil over 70,000 orders a day during peak season.

AYBL head of operations Paul Maynard says: “To become a leader in eCommerce within the UK you have to deliver on customer promises and build loyalty, which means you have to be able to rely on your warehouse and fulfilment capability: every order shipped on time, accurately, with visibility into the process, easy returns, all on demand and fast.

“With Descartes Peoplevox, we instantly improved picking accuracy and efficiency and we no longer needed to keep our warehouse layout in SKU order, which had previously prevented us from making the best use of available storage capacity. Additionally, the system scaled easily as we moved multiple times to larger warehouse facilities and, today, allows us to flex to 100+ people during peak periods and train new staff within hours, which beforehand would never have been possible.”

Part of Descartes’ eCommerce solution suite, Descartes Peoplevox WMS helps direct-to-consumer brands and eCommerce retailers drive significant efficiencies across order fulfilment processes to provide a remarkable customer experience. The solution helps ensure that retailers can ship on time, ship the right items, not oversell existing inventory, and have transparency into warehouse operations. Order information is automatically available to be executed via mobile-driven multi-order pick-and-pack strategies and then fed into Descartes and third-party parcel shipment systems. The solution is pre-integrated with major eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify Plus, Brightpearl by Sage, Netsuite and others, to accelerate implementation and time to value.

“We’re pleased to help AYBL scale its fulfilment operations to meet growing consumer demand for its products and maintain its customer commitment – even at the height of peak season,” says Johannes Panzer (pictured), head of industry solutions for eCommerce at Descartes. “Our eCommerce WMS Peoplevox is designed for ambitious eCommerce brands. It empowers them to grow efficiently and reduce fulfilment costs to achieve more profitable person-to-goods fulfilment operations.”

For more information, visit www.descartes.com