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Deal promises faster automated project implementation

23 February 2024

TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE and Gideon have entered a strategic agreement to add advanced automation software to Toyota MH vehicles.

Today there is an increasing market demand for simple autonomous solutions with self-navigating vehicles and an easy user-interface. In response to this demand, Toyota Material Handling Europe has announced a cooperation agreement with Gideon, a Zagreb-based technology company offering software solutions for localisation and control of AMRs. 

By combining Gideon technology with its own vehicles, Toyota Material Handling will be able to provide automation for a wide range of logistics applications and significantly shorten project implementation times. Specific application areas where Gideon have already developed offerings are collaborative case picking for retail order fulfilment, as well as truck unloading and loading, using a complete software stack developed specifically for these processes.

Gideon CEO Josip Ćesić claims: “Toyota’s expertise in material handling equipment and market coverage, combined with Gideon’s software suite, and our focus on specific applications, provides value proposition for end-users that is unparalleled.”

Patric Hed, SVP logistics solutions at Toyota Material Handling Europe adds: “Gideon have developed an impressive software stack and vision modules, combining flexible, intelligent autonomous behaviour with specific logistics application focus and user-friendliness that will add value to our customers over the coming years.”  

Toyota plans to be able to present new application solutions to the market during 2024, starting with order fulfilment solutions for retail distribution.

Toyota will share which vehicles will be used with the technology in due course.

The company has enthused about the partnership: “This cooperation helps us to introduce AMR behaviour in our automated vehicle solutions. 

“What is AMR behavior? It is a more flexible autonomous solution than AGVs, as it utilises the intelligence gathered (3D vision and semantics) to assess route changes, recognition of objects and corrective actions, among others. We will incorporate AMR behaviour gradually, starting with applications which need the intelligent AMR behaviour.”

This partnership does not affect Toyota’s existing relationships with other navigation firms. Toyota will continue to collaborate with Kollmorgen (and other technology providers around the world), and will continue to develop and expand its AGV range.

For more information, visit www.toyota-forklifts.eu