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Monster range of 200+ forklift models on show from Bobcat

05 April 2024

BOBCAT USED LogiMAT 2024 to debut its material handling lineup of more than 200 forklifts and warehouse solutions after it merged Doosan into its offering.

The manufacturer’s expanded lineup reflects its commitment to becoming a leading player in the global material handling market, mirroring the unparalleled reputation it has developed in the international compact equipment segment.

The first Bobcat-branded material handling units began rolling off production lines at the organisation’s plants in South Korea, China and Germany in January 2024. 

Doosan Bobcat CEO and vice chairman Scott Park, said: “Through our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we have significantly broadened our product portfolio to not only meet the needs of our loyal customers but also to inspire and empower new customers to conquer their toughest challenges. With an expanded range of solutions, we’re empowering even more customers to accomplish more.”

Bobcat’s LogiMAT 2024 lineup

The newly rebranded material handling models that were on display at LogiMAT 2024 included:

  • D160S-9 | 10-16t 9-Series diesel forklift
  • D50SC-9 | 4-5.5t 9-Series diesel forklift
  • B25NS | 2.5-3.5t 7-Series Plus electric forklift
  • B20X-7 Plus |  1.6 - 2t NXE-Series electric forklift
  • B80NS | 8-10t NXE-Series electric forklift
  • BR16J-9 | 1.4-1.6t 9-Series reach truck
  • BPL18S-7 | 1.8-2t 7-Series pedestrian pallet truck
  • BPR20S-7 | 2t 7-Series ride-on pallet truck
  • BDR13S-7 | 1.3t 7-Series double stacker
  • LSM12N-7 | 1.2t 7-Series pedestrian stacker

Compact telehandler

Bobcat also used LogiMAT 2024 as a platform to showcase its TL25.60 super compact telehandler, whose optimised dimensions and superior maneuverability allow it to operate effectively in tight spots without compromising performance.

In addition to the units on display in Stuttgart, Bobcat’s expanded lineup now includes all models previously manufactured under the DIV name. The full range of Bobcat-branded material handling solutions includes the following product lines:

  • Diesel forklift trucks | lift capacities of 1.8 to 25 tons
  • Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) forklift trucks | lift capacities of 1.5 to 7 tons
  • Electric forklift trucks | lift capacities of 1.5 to 10 tons
  • Warehouse solutions | pallet trucks, reach trucks and stackers

An expanded portfolio

The incorporation of more than 200 forklifts and warehouse solutions into Bobcat’s portfolio represents a natural extension of the brand’s offering, delivering new and innovative products, attachments and services with the power to add significant value to the operations of both new and existing customers.

Bobcat EMEA senior product marketing manager Vaclav Kratky, says: “For more than 60 years, the Bobcat brand has been synonymous with world-class compact equipment. Our company has led the industry with tough, versatile, empowering and inventive equipment and solutions, and we continue to offer an unparalleled customer experience that distinguishes us from the competition. With the integration of the former DIV material handling portfolio, we are doubling down on the power of the Bobcat brand.

“This global rebranding initiative has resulted in a number of additional advantages for Bobcat customers, including an increased two-year warranty as standard for the majority of our products. Our standard warranties can be further enhanced with extension and financing programs, which begin from 0% for 24 months. As part of the project, we have also leveraged Bobcat’s industry-leading sales and service training programs and facilities to upskill our material handling dealers, which will enhance customer experience.”

For more information, visit www.bobcat.com