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Get forklift telematics right with sound advice from ELOKON

25 June 2023

Access invaluable in-depth analysis in this free e-paper.

IF YOU want some guidance on choosing the best forklift telematics solution for your operation, or you want a new perspective on certain aspects of these systems, then help is at hand from an international expert in the field.

ELOKON, a global leader in lift truck safety technology, has published an e-book which is a comprehensive guide on how to ensure the safety, efficiency, and productivity of your warehousing operation. With over 20 years of experience in engineering, installing, and servicing a broad range of fleet management solutions for forklift fleets, ELOKON examines how selecting the most suitable telematics solution can increase employee and operational safety, reduce damage to trucks, pallet racks, and plant equipment and improve material handling productivity.

Topics covered include a detailed analysis of specific business goals, recommendations and best practices to achieve them, and the ensuing benefits. There is an overview of the most popular functions of a forklift fleet management system, and the pros and cons of various wireless communication technologies are also explained. Advice as to whether to look at an OEM brand-specific system or an OEM-independent one is also given, taking into account the size, brands and locations of your fleet. The importance of driver acceptance and of involving labour unions in the decision making process is also dealt with.

ELOKON’s chief operating officer Ute Filippone said: “The content of the twelve chapters of this 17 page e-book is designed above all to be informative, objective and neutral and is in no way a plug for ELOKON’s products. It will be updated on a quarterly basis to reflect the latest advances in technology and to stay abreast of market developments. A dialogue with readers and feedback is therefore encouraged!”

For more information, click here: https://bit.ly/46gMyhv

ELOKON was founded in 1986 and is a pioneer of forklift safety and fleet management solutions. With 130 employees, and subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, and Poland, the company works with customers in around 45 countries. Its products incorporate the latest digital sensor, smartphone, and cloud technologies to enhance safety and productivity of many types of material handling equipment.

To read more, visit: https://bit.ly/46gMyhv