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Briggs Equipment: growing momentum for electric forklifts

20 April 2023

Businesses of all sizes are choosing to invest in the electrification of their industrial equipment fleet. However, what exactly are the benefits of going electric?

There’s no need to compromise on performance

THE TECHNOLOGY involved in the manufacturing and design of electric industrial equipment has continued to advance, which has resulted in better performing and more productive machines.

The company explains: “The electric solutions we supply are extremely competitive when compared with their diesel and LPG counterparts, meaning you can get the job done whilst simultaneously reducing your environmental impact.”

Affordable operating costs 

Choosing electric means a move away from the inevitable fuel costs when operating diesel equipment. This is particularly relevant given the volatility in fuel prices and the ending of the Red Diesel tax exemption scheme last year. The cheaper operational cost of running electric equipment allows companies to have a much clearer picture of their fuel spend over a long-term period.

Reduce your environmental impact

Electric equipment is a great way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable working as they produce zero emissions at the point of use. This means you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and work towards building an effective carbon strategy.

Available for those bigger pieces of equipment

The company adds: “Our electric product offering continues to grow and we’re even able to provide sustainable options for large and complex applications. This is good news for businesses who want to move towards a ‘greener’ way of working and operate a diverse fleet of equipment.”

To discover more about how Briggs Equipment can help your business build an effective carbon strategy, search ‘Sustainability at Briggs’.