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An increasing range of sectors choose Hart

06 March 2024

Hart Door Systems of Newcastle upon Tyne, the industrial door and security shutters manufacturer and market leader best known for its world-class technology through brands such as Speedor high-speed doors, Firebrand fire shutters and Terror Screen and Typhoon industrial roller shutters, reports multi-sector success so far this year.

“LOOKING AT a handful of current projects we are currently involved with international airports, automotive and general manufacturing, security and confectionary, many of which are major contributors to the UK’s economy,” says Nick Hart, Hart’s managing director.

“Clearly there are situations across all sectors where solutions to door and shutter requirements are similar but in very many cases solutions are uniquely different which is where Hart’s design and manufacturing originality is essential. We are delivering an important asset for our clients.

“Just as our clients thrive on innovation so must we. In particular, the pressure on us all in respect of Climate Change means Hart has a crucial role to play through its leading Speedor brand which is in use throughout the UK and on seven continents globally,” adds Mr Hart.

Why is Speedor and its several sub-brands so popular with industry and commence?

“Apart from its proven track record over the years for energy saving and general efficiency, each Speedor can be customised according to specific requirements in addition to its general reputation for durability and reliability, speed of operation and in these times of Climate Change, a very important reduced environmental impact.

“Presently Hart is involved in projects at a major UK airport, a specialist manufacturer, a regional retailer, a national food ingredients producer and an overseas high-value retailer. “So from protection from storms to protection from villains, we deliver the right door systems for each project,” says Mr Hart.

For more information, visit www.hartdoors.com