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How IDS opens up new opportunities for image processing with AI

22 September 2023

CHECKING AND sorting parcels or assisting vehicles in avoiding collisions: For such use cases, cameras are virtually indispensable today.

The combination of self-learning algorithms with image processing offers enormous opportunities for logistics. Ease of use, cost, performance and reliability are important factors in selecting the right technology – after all, when it comes to application development, there is rarely just one path to choose from. 

"We want to help companies take advantage of the new possibilities offered by AI and industrial cameras so that they can significantly improve their processes and products," explains Jan Hartmann, CEO of IDS Imaging Development Systems. To this end, IDS is expanding its portfolio in the field of AI image processing – offering both expertise and products for comprehensive application development from concept to integration. Consequently, the camera manufacturer continues to evolve from a component supplier to a holistic AI vision partner. 

The quick and easy way to an executable application 

With IDS NXT, the company offers an AI vision system with optimally matched components that can be operated by both beginners and professionals. This saves valuable time, expensive development resources and gets users to their individual solution faster. Easy-to-use tools cover the entire development process from image acquisition and labelling, to training a neural network, to the final AI application. The cloud-based AI vision studio IDS lighthouse also helps manage image datasets and create complete image processing sequences as vision apps for IDS NXT cameras. Here, the AI runs directly on the cameras. This means that, as intelligent embedded devices, they can assume an important role in interconnected systems. Especially convenient for getting started: the IDS NXT Experience Kit, which makes all the necessary components available in one package, from camera to software license. 

New: PC-based AI vision available thanks to DENKnet 

In addition to the IDS NXT embedded vision system, IDS now also offers something new for users who want to create particularly high-performance, AI-based vision applications. With DENKnet, they can realize an individual image analysis with leading AI vision technologies and highest performance in a few minutes and with only 15 training images. The system automatically takes care of the necessary stability, performance and the right choice of technology in the background. User-friendliness is also the focus here, which becomes particularly evident in the operation of the "DENK VSION AI HUB". With the combination of DENKnet image analysis and industrial cameras from IDS, image processing with highest performance (GPU-accelerated) and quality have become feasible. 

The choice of the appropriate system depends, among other things, on the respective application, the user's expertise and the desired performance. IDS positions itself as a partner that addresses different requirements and brings AI Vision as an easy-to-use technology to industrial image processing. Users can learn about the options offered by the products and how easy they are to operate e.g. in the IDS Vision Channel (www.ids-vision-channel.tech). The videos are readily available for viewing in the extensive media library. 

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