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Support intralogistics operations beyond the warehouse door

11 June 2024

Intralogistics operations often extend beyond the warehouse door. This is where Yale Series N forklift trucks can help keep these parts of a warehousing or distribution centre operation moving.

DELIVERY AND loading areas are often found outside the main indoor warehouse. For unloading, transporting, and loading goods, all year round and in all conditions, the Yale Series N forklift truck could play a vital role in your outdoor operations. 

Built around a scalable platform, every Yale Series N truck is configured from the outset to meet the unique and specific demands of the customer’s application. It gives you the flexibility to get the forklift truck that’s right for you, your operation, and your operators.

Optional operator assistance systems available for Yale Series N trucks help support operator awareness and best practices for manoeuvring the truck. For instance, the rear-facing camera and corresponding display provides additional awareness of trucks surroundings to support the operator.

The optional Dynamic Stability System (DSS) also helps promote operating best practices by implementing truck performance limits to speed, lifting and tilt speed. It sends audible and visual alerts to the operator and limits truck performance in certain conditions. The DSS also includes the Lateral Stability System which automatically reduces the amount the truck will lean when turning, whilst Corner Control limits the truck speed when turning. These features are designed to reduce the likelihood of truck tip-overs. This helps to support safety and reduce the risk of downtime in time critical logistics operations.

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