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FIBC bags launched

04 June 2024

KITE PACKAGING has introduced a range of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) bags, designed to streamline bulk handling operations across various industries. 

These bags offer convenience and efficiency in managing dry, pourable goods such as sand, fertilisers, chemicals, granular materials and more. 

Kite Packaging's new FIBC bags come in a variety of configurations to suit diverse needs, including those with tunnel loops, fill spouts, top skirts, discharge spouts, and baffles. These bags have a host of features and benefits, including durable woven polypropylene fabric ensuring strength and longevity, a safe working load of 1000kg, and a collapsible design for easy storage when not in use.

Moreover, these bags maximise storage space while minimising storage footprint, optimising warehouse efficiency. They are reusable and cost-effective, resulting in long-term cost savings and sustainability benefits. Kite Packaging ensures compliance with industry standards and quality assurance through in-house testing certification.

FIBC bags from Kite Packaging:

  • FIBC bag with tunnel loops 
  • FIBC bag with fill spout 
  • FIBC bag with top skirt 
  • Jumbo FIBC with top skirt and discharge spout 
  • Baffle bag with fill spout and discharge spout 

With tunnel loops, handling and lifting become effortless using forklifts and cranes, which can help towards enhancing operational efficiency. Positioned above FIBC bags, top skirts provides additional protection and containment for contents during filling and transportation, offering reduced dust emissions, weather protection and spill prevention. Meanwhile, discharge spouts enable controlled and efficient emptying of materials, reducing wastage and improving workflow. Finally, fill spouts provide convenient openings for pouring materials, further improving loading processes.

For more information, visit www.kitepackaging.co.uk