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10 January 2019

If you’re looking for the next innovation in warehouse mobility to boost your warehouse productivity, you’ve just found it — the rugged TC8000.

What makes the TC8000 so special? Everything.

This ground-breaking all new warehouse mobile computer scanner was designed from the ground up to increase worker productivity by 14 percent. How? We’ve minimized the ‘tilt and verify’ motion required to interact with the device and your application with a new device design and an easy way to transform your legacy Terminal Emulation application into elegant and intuitive all-touch graphical screens — without any coding or modifications to your host application.

Since scanning is what your workers spend their days doing, we give you your choice of two advanced bar code scanners — the 1D SE965 with Adaptive Scanning technology for the widest of working ranges or the SE4750 imager with our proprietary PRZM Intelligent Imaging for unparalleled performance on just about any types of data — 1D and 2D bar codes, documents that you can search and edit, and more.

And with the TC8000, your workers can choose how they want to scan. Workers can hold the TC8000 and point to scan. And with our ground-breaking proximity scanning feature, an industry first in a handheld rugged mobile device, workers can wear the TC8000 in a hip holster or on a shoulder strap, or place it in our cart mount or desktop mount and simply pass items in front of the TC8000, delivering hands-free scanning that increases productivity and worker comfort. Need to capture labels with multiple bar codes as well as other types of information on forms, such as checkboxes, text fields and signature? No problem.

The TC8000 mobile computer scanner come with Workforce Connect, that  adds powerful voice and messaging features to Zebra mobile scanner devices, allowing you to provide all the capabilities your workers need to maximize productivity and minimize cycle times, all on one device. Processes are simplified since users can now perform all tasks on a single unified device. Voice and data workflows are integrated, reducing the number of steps required to complete a task and allowing you to achieve operational excellence. This modular and customizable solution allows you to deploy the features you need today and easily add features to meet new business needs.

The TC8000 also boasts Simulscan, a Zebra-only Mobility DNA solution, if you need to scan multiple barcodes in one scan, then get ready for the next revolution in data capture from Zebra, Simulscan Document Capture. With Simulscan powerful technology, enterprises can take process automation to the next level and achieve substantial increases in worker efficiency, processing accuracy and cycle times. Imagine if your workers could capture the contents of an entire form in a single scan — including bar codes, text fields, phone numbers, images, signatures, and even check boxes. Then imagine your business applications fully populated, instantly and accurately. You have just imagined the power of Simulscan Document Capture.

Rugged and ready for your warehouse, the super-rugged design is built for the challenging warehouse environment. With our most extreme impact ratings, the TC8000 operates reliably, even after 2,000 consecutive hits when tumbling and multiple 8 ft./2.4 m drops to concrete.

This ground breaking mobile computer scanner has many more features.


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