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Tackling key topics at HSS Live!

25 November 2020

HSS Live! is coming up on December 1. I’m really looking forward to hosting this webinar series. It has a great roster of speakers, it’s free to attend, you can dip in and out as you like, and you gain CPD as well. Furthermore, the content will be available on our website to view going forward.

It’s certainly hitting some major operational hot spots that will be familiar to many.

Robots & Automation

Robotics are offering a way to bring warehouse automation to the masses. Once upon a time, warehouse automation required major infrastructure and cost up front. That isn’t necessarily so now. Modern warehouse robots - autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) - are relatively fast and inexpensive to deploy. The key word here is scalability. You can start small and build up as demand and economic rationale dictates.

To explain this trend, we have one of the leading players in this sector - Locus Robotics - and its VP, Europe Denis Niezgoda to talk you through this crucial issue and the big impacts it can have on warehouse efficiency.

On the automation side, we also have Shane Faulkner, Head of Sales, Swisslog presenting on ‘Off the Shelf’ automated solutions within 3 months. Webinar attendees can discover how solutions such as AutoStore and CarryPick can be delivered in as little as three months. With pre-defined layouts, these ASRS technologies can be adapted as demand changes and can be installed in existing buildings. Depending on the project specification, it is even possible for the flexible systems to be rented or leased to preserve liquidity exactly when you need it.


Warehouse space is another key battleground for operators that is at a critical point of change due to the rise of eCommerce, the pandemic, Brexit and more. To illustrate how smart design, and the right combination of storage infrastructure and forklifts can bring about a sea change in warehouse space optimisation, Martin McVicar, MD, Combilift explains how the company’s products have enabled a major packaging supplier to optimise its warehouse space while keeping up with its ever growing production schedule.

Digging deeper

But frankly, it’s not enough to purchase a system and cross your fingers. And surprisingly, many firms do just that. They fail to think through the implications and fail to dig into the detail sufficiently. I spoke to a logistics manager earlier in the year and he said the biggest difference between a big automated warehouse project working or not, was allocating sufficient time and resource to making sure the software, old and new, works well together.

Nick Fox, Head of Logistics - Europe, at fashion retailer Theory also makes this point in as he tackles the growing trend of D2C (Direct to Consumer). The growth of D2C makes warehouse process accuracy more important than ever. But many retailers and brands think buying a system to cope is enough. Nick argues that the real work is ‘doing the detail’ and making sure IT and warehouse operations knit together effectively.

Big picture

We’re turning to Kevin Mofid, Head of Industrial Research, Savills for a take on the bigger picture in UK warehousing. The initial shock of the pandemic has now passed but with logistics now well into its Peak season, Kevin Mofid discusses the logistics property landscape, demand trends and implications for warehouse and logistics managers.

Register free for the webinar series here - https://bit.ly/2GQgTMI