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With over a decade of experience in the automated packaging industry, Sparck Technologies is passionate about eliminating excessive packaging and increasing operational fulfillment efficiencies. With the capability to tailor-make up to 1,100 packages per hour, for multiple or single item orders, the CVP Everest and CVP Impack packaging systems offer automated solutions for ecommerce operations challenged by increasing order volumes, labour shortages and growing demands for sustainable packaging solutions.

The CVP Automated Packaging Solutions effortlessly create, fill, fold and label each parcel in one seamless process – reducing package volumes by up to 50%, cutting cardboard usage by 30% and eliminating the need for void fill.

Watch our customers making fulfilment faster and more efficient with automated packaging and visit www.sparcktechnologies.com



Sparck Technologies Ltd

168, Shoreditch Highstreet, 2nd Floor

London, E1 6RA


URL: www.sparcktechnologies.com

Email. J.Bradley@sparcktechnologies.com


Sparck Technologies
De Tijen 3
9201 BX
The Netherlands
Tel: +44 77 1508 4108

URL: https://bit.ly/3hf7msv
Email: j.bradley@sparcktechnologies.com

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