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Lithium-Ion forklift truck supports transition to more sustainable operations

09 August 2023

LONDSTANDING WINDSOR Materials Handling customer, Commercial Scaffolding, has taken delivery of a new UN NL Series Lithium-Ion forklift truck in support of its transition to more sustainable operations.

Based in Hull, Commercial Scaffolding was formed in February 1990 by Alan, Jean and Alex Lilley and over that time has built its customer base up at an impressive rate. Working on some of the region’s most significant scaffolding projects, the company has a similar approach in how it does business to Windsor – through developing relationships and creating partnerships and operating to the highest of standards.

“Paul Williams – Windsor’s longest serving sales manager – has a tenacious approach to how he works with customers and Commercial Scaffolding has respected that attention since we first started working together in 1997 when we took delivery of our first Komatsu," says Alan Lilley.

“Conversations with Paul arose due to our recent investment into renewable energy sources, namely solar panels. We were fortunate enough to take advantage of the green funding available for SMEs through the local government initiative.”

Paul presented the new range of lithium-ion powered forklifts, manufactured by UN Forklift, to Commercial Scaffolding in a move to transition from their IC equivalent. It was important that they invested into a truck that enabled a smooth transition for the operator as without doubt there is a change of habit required when choosing electric.

The NL Series uses the same chassis as it’s IC counterpart so the operator is uncompromised. A full handover of the truck and charger demonstrated to the customer how to keep optimal run times throughout operational hours.

For traditional IC truck users, moving to lead-acid battery trucks is arguably a bigger change, as it involves battery maintenance. They must be refilled regularly with distilled water to function properly and stay healthy, which in turn brings added implication to health and safety procedures.

“Typically, switching to lithium is a change of mindset for a diesel counterbalance user,” says Paul. “Whereas you can get on a lithium UN truck and it will feel very similar in its setup - and we can adjust the programme settings so it operates like a hydrostat or like a traditional torque convertor IC truck which gives the operator a like-for-like drive making it a no-brainer for lower use yard work.”

With this equipment solution presented to the customer at a critical point in their movement towards becoming carbon neutral, Windsor were able to offer the right product for the job with no interruption to business.

With a now reduced maintenance expenditure moving forward and cost savings made through the draw-down of electric via solar panels, along with the wider global environmental issues, it is clear to see why businesses are seeking for greener alternatives and with schemes in place to help businesses make the switch we are proud to be able to offer our customers a solution for any materials handling requirement.

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