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UniCarriers is a brand of MLE BV.. UniCarriers design, manufacture, sell and distribute a comprehensive range of high-quality, innovative warehouse equipment and IC/electric counterbalance forklifts. Its versatile, customisable materials handling solutions for logistics and warehousing are produced at the group’s production facilities. Its products are sold for the manufacture and distribution of food, warehousing for raw material and finished goods, product flow through manufacture and operations with other specialist handling needs.

UniCarriers’ heritage includes leading companies such as Nissan Forklift, TCM and Atlet. Since April 2020, UniCarriers Europe has integrated its operations into the MLE organization, part of the Japanese Logisnext Group (a MHI company). The MLE group covers the markets in Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa with its own subsidiaries in 10 countries as well as independent dealer networks. The group’s production and development sites are located in Finland, Spain and Sweden. With 11,000 employees and total sales of around 391,496 million yen (As of March 2021), ML is the world’s fourth-largest industrial truck manufacturer.

UniCarriers is a name that represents a blend of Swedish design and ergonomics, Japanese quality and European manufacturing excellence. Our philosophy of manufacturing local product for a local market, means that our product range is manufactured in Europe in order to meet European production standards and reduce global travel of raw material and finished goods. We are backed up by the strength of a big, multinational corporation, using market-leading technology to bring you the latest innovations as they happen.

Totally committed to developing the most efficient and cost-effective materials handling and storage solutions for our customers. Advice from our highly skilled team of materials handling consultants is backed up by our PC-based warehouse simulation programme, Logistics Analyser.

We are structured, and fully committed, to providing the highest level of after-sales service tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.

The quality of UniCarriers’ after-care is based on three fundamental principles:

• Customer Needs

We recognise that while all customers are individual, their business needs are the same. Whether they operate for 8 hours a day or 24 hours a day 7 days a week, they demand a high level of uptime. UniCarriers’ service organisation has been built around these demands, offering tailored packages to suit each customer’s requirement.

• Parts Standardisation

We have had a policy of parts standardisation since 1959, which continues to this day. This means that there are only 5,000 parts covering the total product range, resulting in only 1,000 fast moving lines, which the engineers carry with them at all times. This means we can confidently underwrite uptime guarantees in even the most demanding environments.

• Mobile Service Depots

Thanks to rigid parts standardisation - unique in the industry - we can ensure that our field based service engineers hold stock of all frequently used items, this results in 95% of breakdowns being fixed on the first visit, thus providing maximum uptime and reduced customer costs.





Wanted: Skill, talent and motivation  for forklift operation

Once again, but quite a bit differently this year, Talent in Logistics and UniCarriers are searching for the new Forklift Operator of the Year.

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Diesel/lpg counterbalance forklift trucks

Diesel and LPG counterbalance trucks use an internal combustion (IC) engine to power themselves, rather than a battery.

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Get an overview

Your expectation: The right tools to ensure a profitable workflow

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Order pickers

Order pickers are flexible and manoeuvrable, and are used to assist and lift up their drivers for easier picking at low, medium and high levels. When not used for picking, these trucks can also be used for the transport or stacking of pallets.

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Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are a core element of any materials handling operation.

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Reach trucks

When your materials handling needs are particularly intensive, a quality reach truck may be the best tool for the job.

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Stacker trucks are primarily used for stacking pallets at a range of heights, but they're very versatile machines, and perfect for moving pallets around a warehouse.

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TX3 - 48V electric 3-wheel counterbalance truck

UniCarriers' new TX3 is the first counterbalance truck with three E's - offering lower energy consumption, excellent ergonomics, and higher handling efficiency.

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UC Financing

A flexible and reliable solution for all your logistics needs

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Very Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks

In some warehouses, aisles may be so narrow that a conventional forklift cannot turn around to leave the aisle after retrieving a pallet.

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