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Since 1958 St Clare Engineering Ltd has manufactured a range of Fork Truck Attachments under the Grab-O-Matic trade name, and since 1979 a small Medical Division manufacturing and supplying Knee Braces.
The majority of the Fork Truck Attachments deal with the lifting, moving and tilting drums of steel, plastic or fibre-board construction and of varying shapes, sizes and weights. Exporting more than 45% of production to all parts of the world, St Clare are considered one of the world leaders in drum handling with their Grab-O-Matic range of attachments. In recent times the product range has been extended to include Self Dumping Hoppers, Stacker Trucks, Work Platforms, Sweepers, Pedestrian Drum Trolleys and Reel Turning Units, Snow Ploughs and Towable Salt Spreaders. We also manufacture special items to customer requirements, all that is required is a sketch or verbal description of the problem to produce a firm price and delivery


Model- Grab-O-Matic 2-DLR

The 2-DLR is a fork attachment double drum handler suitable for lifting 1 or 2 drums at a time, the unique Grab-O-Matic gripping heads will grab all steel open top and tight head drums, plastic ’L’ ring drums and most fibre drums, damaged drums and drums of various sizes and diameters can be safely grabbed with the Grab-O-Matic 2-DLR....

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Attachments boost safety and productivity for manufacturer

Engineering manufacturer boosts safety and productivity by adopting sophisticated yet fast attach and release forklift attachments from St Clare Engineering.

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Drum handling solutions

For the loading or unloading of drums from lorries and containers, for de-palletising, or just moving drums around a workshop or factory site, the St Clare Engineering range of Grab-O-Matic fork attachments and pedestrian drum handlers can provide a safe and efficient solution.

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Just walk and grab

If you have restricted areas where forks trucks can’t access to lift and move your drums, de-palletise or move them around the warehouse, the Grab-O-Matic range of drum and materials handling pedestrian equipment can provide a safe and efficient solution.

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Drum handling

Grab-O-Matic drum and materials handling pedestrian equipment provides a safe and efficient solution for areas that are inaccessible to forklifts.

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Grab-O-Matic Drum Handlers Improve Safety & Efficiency

St. Clare Engineering’s Grab- O-Matic fork attachments range is the culmination of over half a decade’s manufacturing expertise. Exporting over 30% of production globally, St. Clare’s commitment to service quality, and reliability, manufacturing durable products which provide a safer working environment is reflected by a client list that includes the Ministry of Defence, BP, Pfizer, Shell, Laporte Industries, GlaxoSmithKline, Univar and BNFL.

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Pedestrian drum handling

For restricted areas that forklifts cannot access, and for general movement around the warehouse, the Grab-O-Matic range of drum and materials handling pedestrian equipment can provide a safe and efficient solution.

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